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  • Error: Had to refactor landing page but i did it on files 3 months old and when i replaced it, i lost all production files.
  • Solution: Took his page cache from the last day using a google tool and copied all production html from this day to backup.

  • Error: Added a hard to load database query (worked on dev but not in prod on a core system function, what leaded to get the platform down.
  • Solution: Optimized the way we save the data, created methods to consolidate that data instead of doing it dynamically while being minded about differences between dev and prod environments.

  • Error: Needed to be a mentor to an intern but micromanaged him a lot.
  • Solution: Started giving more space and reliability for the stakeholder, trying to show the way I’d usually do some task as a way and not the only correct way.

  • Error: After micromanaging an intern, I’ve tried to give more freedom to others, but I gave so much
  • Solution: Now I’m minded that there are moments that you don’t need to give so much freedom, so the best way to know it is by asking yourself: …This dev has enough experience on our system to make it without workarounds, following patterns, etc? …Is this part, a core one that needs to stay organized, good pattern followed, etc?

  • Error: After getting into a lead position, I kept doing work thinking only on myself (it was expected since I worked alone for a long time on the organization)
  • Solution: Now at a lead position, I try to to impact positively all the team (in a scalable way, per example)

  • Error: After getting into a lead position, I had to delegate a task but I did a hard one and had to get part of it to get it solved.
  • Solution: Now I’m aware that I need to know more about the people I want to delegate and more about the task as well (if it is hard or not to be solved by the person I want to delegate to), on top of that, even if I delegate something harder, I need to give resources/opinions to help getting the problem solved without taking full part of it.

  • Error: Almost gave source code access for a person outside the organization just in order to test some integration.
  • Solution: In case other organizations need to make integration tests with our platform, we only need to create a QA Environment to help them testing the integration, without getting in touch with source code.

  • Error: I didn’t walk the talk when I gave support to a dev to create a feature (usually I add a feature with a feature flag and after some production tests I deploy it to all customers), so the feature was deployed with an error on a core part of the system.
  • Solution: It is important to recommend the good things we do, since it can help a lot of people around us.